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Beyond The Cloud

Recently saw this ad in an IT magazine.

“Now that most computer users have learned the value—not just the savings but the safety—of keeping their data in the Cloud, it’s time they took the next step. It’s not just making sure your computer data is safe with the Cloud (how often did you backup at home or work?), you need to do the same for your other valuable data.

Information can be made secure in the Cloud because it’s in the form of bits. But what about those valuable—and irreplaceable—items around the home or office? Sure, some of you have moved them into safe deposit boxes in banks, but how secure are those banks? How long can we expect them to stay in business? What if they merge? Or move? And how accessible, how convenient is that safe deposit box, really?

Have no fear; the Shadow is here, that is Shadow Security Services. We’ll take care of your non-digital data just the way the Cloud does. Our storage facilities (the actual locations are closely guarded secrets) will not only shelter and protect your data; we’ll streamline the whole process of pickup and delivery. You tell us when and where, and we’ll collect it (or deliver it if you’ve already stored it with us). Not only will we be prompt and efficient, you’ll barely even notice our presence—because Shadow is a name we’ve earned. After all, movement of your precious valuables should be invisible to anyone but you, and then no more than a mere shadow.

Of course, many of you have made computer copies of valuable papers (stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, birth certificates, etc.). You’ve probably stored that data in the Cloud. But that’s just backup. What happens when you need the document itself? The Cloud can’t do it—but Shadow Security Services can.

For mere pennies a day (based on volume and frequency of pickup and delivery), all your valuable papers—and any other valuables you wish to secure (paintings, jewelry, heirlooms)—can be in our hands for safekeeping. And when you need it, any item will be back in your hands in a matter of hours. Either way, you’ll hardly know we were there.”

I know many of you believe in the Cloud, but is this, in the words of H. G. Wells, The Shape Of Things To Come? (Contact information withheld for legal reasons.)


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