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Do You Suffer from Exclusion Anxiety? A Quiz

Find out by answering these questions yes or no:

1. Do you fear not having the newest new technology?
2. Are you always looking for the latest tech trends?
3. Are you afraid of being technologically out-of-step?
4. Are you still attracted to old tech?
5. Are you addicted to being constantly connected?
6. Do you spend more time with your virtual friends than real ones?

Now, grade yourself: Add two points for every yes; subtract one point for every no. If your score is:

12 = You need professional help. No, really.
9 = You’re close to the edge. Time to re-evaluate.
4 = There’s hope; make changes now!
1 = You’re headed in the right direction.
-3 = You’re almost in control.
-6 = The odds are you’re not reading this blog.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may suffer from Exclusion Anxiety. Although the term is not yet defined in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, its meaning should be apparent to anyone involved in today’s highly-connected technological world. In lay terms: if you’re not in, you’re out. And if you’re worried about not being in, then you have exclusion anxiety.


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