Digital Minefield

Why The Machines Are Winning

Cloud Cover Up

What you don’t know about the Cloud can hurt you. It is not the cure-all they claim it to be. Far from it. To illustrate: I saw a recent Carbonite ad saying your data is safe if your computer is stolen—if you use Carbonite. They’re claiming your data is safe in the Cloud, when in fact all they can do is restore it. As if that’s all that matters.

What nonsense. Do they take you for some kind of idiot? Your computer was stolen. That means a thief has your data. Never mind that you can get it back from Carbonite (or some other Cloud service). You can’t get it back from the thief! You are at serious risk here. Unless the only thing on your computer was photos? Or porn? I mean, seriously. If you go online, your computer has passwords. These are your bank accounts I’m talking about. And Carbonite will keep you safe? How?

This smoke (aimed up your bum) and mirrors (aimed at your self-delusion) is typical of Cloud providers. They’re selling what they have by making you think it’s what you need. It isn’t. It’s not even close. However, it’s one thing when they want to take away the freedom of owning a personal computer (compute in the Cloud and you belong to them). But it’s another when they want you to believe they’re providing safety—by having you ignore the obvious risks.

Time for a little insight:

“From all that smoke they lay on you
So you won’t know what’s really true
And you’ll sit tight and you’ll do right staying out of sight”

—Dan Hicks, “That’s the Smoke They’re Blowin’”


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