Digital Minefield

Why The Machines Are Winning

Internet Lie #2

Perhaps the biggest Internet Lie is the one no one sees, the one no one talks about, and the one no one even seems to be aware of. It’s so obvious, it makes one wonder why no one seems to know.

It’s simply this: with all this great technology why isn’t the Internet getting better and better? Why aren’t our Internet capabilities improving the same way (increasing power and speed) all computer technology does?

Sure the Internet is becoming bigger (in what it connects us to, and what connects to us), but are we so dumb we can’t see when bigger—by itself—isn’t really better?

And, here’s the kicker: why isn’t the Internet getting better—like the rest of computer technology—for the money? Why does no one make the association between decreasing computer prices and constant—or rising—Internet prices? Why the disconnect?

Yes, the Internet has become more reliable, but since so many are online 24/7 any interruption of service is a major annoyance. But unreliability is not the biggest cause of interruptions in service. Safety is. Does anyone seriously think the Internet is getting safer? What we users see is an continually escalating war—with no end in sight—between the attackers and the defenders of the Net.

In the end all we see is people blinded by the impressive growth of the Internet. And oblivious to the issues of enhanced capability, price, and safety. As if the Internet’s bigness, all by itself, justifies the lack of progress in all these other areas.


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