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Protect Our Email!

Recent comment from a reader:

“Perhaps the internet should be managed somewhat like the postal service was once managed and I’m thinking about the security issue. Messing with someone’s mailbox or mail was a Federal offense. It happened, but not very often and the Feds were all over it when it happened. On the internet, which is the high speed current equivalent of the postal service, what happens with identity theft, compromises of confidential information held by banks & other big businesses and that sort of thing? NOTHING!” —Billy Wetherington

Right on target! Just because we up-to-date emailers make fun of snail mail (as Tweeters make fun of us) doesn’t mean we can’t learn from the USPS. And while we’re on the topic of email, here are a few more complaints.

Why aren’t most phishes illegal—Federally illegal—when they represent themselves as legitimate businesses (even using copyrighted logos, etc.)? Especially banks? And as if that isn’t dumb enough, I’ve gotten a few claiming they were the FBI! How is that not a Federal offence?

“More than 97% of all e-mails sent over the net are unwanted . . .” —BBC News.

So why doesn’t the government do something about spam? Is it because the powers that be don’t actually open their own email? Is there a spam lobby as powerful as the junk (snail) mail lobby? In the beginning, spam was just annoying. Not only has it grown beyond all control, it’s still growing! Just how long can we tolerate this unacceptable situation?

Finally, we could fight back if email programs had a “Return to Sender” button! Why not? I’ve written about this on my site three times, beginning in 1997. Search for {email +”return to sender” button lee frank}. And if you search just for {email return to sender} you’ll get over two million hits. People want this! And yet . . . no program has such a button. You tell me.


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