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Search Revisited, Part One

In this blog, I’ve written over ten posts about search engines. Most were critical, with a few constructive suggestions. But everything about computers and the Internet is a moving target, and I finally have some good news about search engines.

Not that there isn’t a little bad with the good (isn’t there always?). But it’s little, and the good news is BIG: there’s a new search engine on the block. Not only new, but better. Now for the what and why and so on.

First the name: DuckDuckGo ( For some, it’s off-putting. (Yes, it’s “putting.” I checked it at the Duck faster than you can say it.) But try to remember all those years ago when we thought Google was silly. But DuckDuckGo is hard to type, so they have a URL shortcut: In this post, it’s just the Duck.

Searches with the Duck are cleaner and more comprehensive. Not only are the hit summaries better than Bing, they’re far better than Google. And (one of my pet peeves) the Duck makes no mistakes when searching with quotes. It actually did what I asked! If that’s not enough to peak your interest, try this: NO ADVERTISING. I think. I haven’t seen any so far, and think I turned it off with an option. Either way, it’s a cleansing feeling.

Here’s the kicker. I said I had some bad news. I was wrong. Last week, when (admittedly belatedly) I discovered the Duck, it promised results sorted by date. Didn’t seem to work. That was the bad news. The kicker? Now it works! But that’s not all: there are many other substantial additions and improvements since last week! Yet, it’s still clean and uncluttered.

I can’t promise that the Duck will find what you’re looking for, but it is unquestionably more efficient. Use the Duck and you’ll find things quicker and easier than with the major search engines. And far fewer irrelevancies.

You can take my word for it, but why not read what others have to say? It’s all good. There are many other major features, like privacy, that should make you want it even more. I’m not saying the Duck is the absolute best, just that you really have to give it a try. I’m betting you’ll like it.


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One thought on “Search Revisited, Part One

  1. painter of Lee on said:

    I tried the duck thing. I like the look of it and the results were clear and smart enough. I did get an ad.

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