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Why The Machines Are Winning

Virtual Shopping

Last week’s post (“Needles and Haystacks”) showed the advantages of searching structured data. These were contrasted with time-wasting searches using brute force computer power.

Such searches not only waste our time, they are incredibly wasteful of computer time and power. If providers of structured data could use just a fraction of this squandered power, how many ways could they enhance our access to their data?

Let’s take a simple example from last week: libraries. What could be achieved by adding a relatively small amount of computing power to online access of a library’s catalog? Close your eyes. Picture yourself at the library versus their website.

The library you’re envisioning need not be confined to the imagination. With a relatively small amount of additional computer power it can be made real, that is virtually real.

If you browsed the library virtually, you could head out now because you found a book you really wanted, or you could take your time (nothing urgent). Same library, enhanced by software.

There are other advantages to virtual libraries. You can browse all the branches in a big countywide system. If your library is a member, you can do the same for all the libraries of the Interlibrary Loan Service. An infinite virtual library.

You may question additional public dollars for libraries, but the same technology can be used for bookstores. Virtual browsing enhances every online retail experience already using databases.

People forget that before computers, it was common to shop virtually—from catalogs. In fact, it was easier to browse those catalogs than today’s crude database websites. Going virtual would make those sites outperform catalogs, and for less money.

In the past twenty years, computing has transformed from a text-based box of limited application to a plethora of graphics-based devices doing everything. It wasn’t simply the increases in speed and storage; it was using the power for unimaginable graphics.

Today, power is being drained by our unstructured searches and social media meandering. All to be monetized by Big Data. Why not add power to improve graphics? Wouldn’t virtual shopping boost our economy? Don’t businesses need it? Don’t you?


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