Digital Minefield

Why The Machines Are Winning

About The Digital Minefield

The promised bright path to our future has become a digital minefield. Beyond the dangers of the virus-infected information highway, every road is littered with potentially harmful devices. Instead of furnishing us with the appropriate mine detectors, the purveyors of technology keep pushing—almost daily—newer and better tomorrows that can be ours (and our salvation) if we just make the next purchase. Never mind if we don’t have the money now, someone is always ready to advance us a newer piece of plastic, so that our enjoyment can be immediate. Pleasure now, payment deferred; or as the English say, The Never-Never.

For the deluded, payment deferred means payment dismissed. The reality is a financial future of servitude, a permanent indebtedness beyond the worst nightmares of any indentured servant. The majority seem perfectly happy to accept the illusion of freedom offered by this technological magic carpet, while denying the truth of their enslavement.


One thought on “About The Digital Minefield

  1. Mikeie on said:

    Always exciting, always dangerous, a minefield is a lure of sorts. We are forced there, at times, by duty, circumstance, or, for some, a beckoning of demanding adrenalin. This makes a minefield an even more dangerous place than the obvious. Perhaps, it’s the knowing – so much different than being caught in the open during a B-52 strike. I wonder if I will come to the minefield often?

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